How do we build a mobile technology brand that is global, scalable, open source and very
easy to use?


RapidPro is a platform that allows you to visually build scalable mobile-based applications from anywhere in the world. RapidPro powers the connection between government leaders and the most important voices in their countries, while allowing organizations to connect those voices across borders and geographies.

RapidPro has been built by UNICEF with the collaboration of Nyaruka – a Rwandan software firm. It builds on UNICEF’s 8 years of innovation experience in the most difficult operating environments and Nyaruka’s TextIt application – a visual SMS application builder that has grown out of the RapidSMS community.


We needed to create a global brand that could convey the universality of the RapidPro platform. The design needed to stand on its own and not get lost in the massive system of UNICEF. It was important for us to create a clean and simple design because of the sheer number of people RapidPro would reach. So began the quick, dirty and hands-on branding process for RapidPro.

We started fairly simple, breaking down what it was at its very core – RapidPro is about real time data collection, SMS-based workflows, group coordination, cloud-hosted platform, basic basic basic mobile phones. We then layered this with the feeling the brand needed to evoke – fast, connected, responsive, real-time, new age, DIY.

Along with the logo, we created an easy-to-use set of icons in the same style as the logo to be used by our global deployment specialists. These icons are used by our deployment specialists in presentations and print material to explain system flows and identify stakeholders more clearly.

Additionally, we worked with a development team to create a simple, streamlined look and feel for the RapidPro.io website. Our contributions included friendly iconography and patterns derived from the logo and curation of fresher images, which was a departure from the normal UNICEF imagery.